When we suffer trauma, crushing disappointment or severe shock our soul, or a part of it, may leave our body in order to escape the experience. The result is what psychologists call dissociation and shamans call soul loss. It is a survival mechanism. If your soul can’t take any more of the pain it is experiencing it will leave in order to allow the physical body to survive. The part of you that wants to die, or may die, leaves and does not come back because it does not want to experience that same trauma again. When we are missing a part of our soul we can not only lose energy but our memory, identity, unique skills and life purpose. This is why we would need soul retrieval.



There are many reasons a part of our soul might leave. Below are listed the most common reasons for needing a Soul Retrieval.

1. You are shamed or ashamed of something that has been done to you or that you have done yourself.
2. When someone you love crosses over, part of your soul may try to follow them to wherever they have gone. If they were very depressed and afraid when they died they may even have called your soul to come with them.
soul retrieval orange county, ca los angeles, ca3. If you have been heartbroken part of your soul may leave to get away from the pain or to cling to the person who has left your life.
4. You may have experienced soul loss if have suffered abuse or abandonment as a child or even as an adult.
5. It is very common for soldiers experiencing shell-shock or PTSD to be suffering from soul loss and be in need of a soul retrieval.

6. Soul loss is highly likely in victims of terrible accidents.
7. Soul loss may also be occasioned by self-destructive habits such as alcohol and drug abuse. These lifestyles can literally drive a vital part of the soul out of our bodies.
9. Life choices may also result in soul loss. When we choose to leave a job, relationship or home a part of us may resist that choice, sometimes to the point of needing a soul retrieval.
10. We can lose a part of our soul when we give up on a big dream we had. The soul will leave when we refuse its wishes or give up on the things we contracted to do in this life experience.
11. If at any time in your life you experienced a depression so deep you wished you were dead it is highly possible you sent a part of your soul away into death.
12. Soul loss can occur when we fall prey to the controlling intentions of another person. This can be anyone from a spouse or parent to a cult or conformist group. In this situation that part of yourself with an independent will is either taken prisoner or driven away.



If you have experienced any of the above and think you may be in need of a soul retrieval, below is a checklist of the major symptoms of soul loss. If you are suffering from three or more of these it is a strong sign that you are missing some of your vital essence.shamanic journey
1. Low energy/chronic fatigue
2. Emotionally numb
3. Depression
4. Spaciness/ “Checking out” of life experiences
5. Addictive behaviors
6. Low self-esteem
7. Inability to let go of the past (people or situations no longer in your life)
8. Dissociation
9. Obesity/Unexplained weight gain or loss
10. Abusive behaviors to self or others
11. Inability to remember dreams
12. Recurring dreams of locations or experiences from earlier in life.



Soul Retrieval is a shamanic practice where the practitioner makes a journey on behalf of the client to locate these lost aspects of soul. The shaman then brings them back and transfers them into in client.
My Soul Retrievals include the following:
1. We will meet and discuss your symptoms of soul loss and any memories you have of trauma where I may find these lost pieces of your soul. If you cannot remember the trauma, don’t worry- it is not necessary in order to find where your soul pieces are located.
2. Every retrieval session I do includes bringing back one part of your soul.  For many people it is possible that more than one part of the soul is missing. All soul retrievals are at a different pace. I will listen to the guidance of your own soul to know how long each process should take. Typically, I recommend at least two week in between each retrieval days in order for you to assimilate to this new part of your being returning to you. It is important to reconnect with each returning soul part.

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  1. Throughout every journey I take for your soul retrieval, you are in the room with me and we are in constant communication, allowing you to work through the trauma with me.
    4. You must welcome your soul home and fulfill any requests in may have in order for it to stay with you. Think of this as a welcome home party. For example, part of your soul that left as a child may want to read a particular children’s book or eat a food you loved as a child. We will discuss what each soul part is asking of you and how you can honor and celebrate their return home.

There is no question that this type of soul retrieval can be profoundly healing. It reaches a part of ourselves that Western psychology is often unable to reach. It can be vital in cases where people are missing so much of themselves that they are literally incapable of self-healing through the methods of psychology and therapy until their soul has been returned to them.

 This method of healing ensures that your soul you have lost throughout your lifetime will be returned to you, renewing your sense of vitality, joy and life purpose and offering you a sense of peace.