Chakras and Shamanic Healing

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This process is wonderful not only for its healing qualities but in allowing you to deeply explore, understand and heal the inner workings of your own psyche, bringing consciousness to your everyday thoughts, emotions, actions, patterns, and relationships.

How Did I Receive This Chakras Healing Method?

I discovered this healing method for the chakras during a personal Shamanspiritual journey shamanic chakra healingic Journey. I was searching for a process to help others heal that would be unique to who I am and what I do as a healer. I was given wisdom that has been with Shamans since the beginning of time. The chakras, those beautiful energy centers running up the center of our body, are not just colorful little spinning circles. We can do so much more than adjust the size and speed at which they spin. We do not have to work with them as just a basic color of the rainbow and how that color looks and feels energetically. We can open these chakras up and within each one is an entire world. These worlds will tell you everything you need to know about how you react to each area of your life. This includes everything from how grounded and secure you are and what you do when that security is taken away to how you express yourself and follow your desires. Not only will these worlds within your chakras reveal all these little details, but we can also change any details within these worlds to create change in our lives.
Armed with this incredible information I had received I began to experiment on friends and family and I was amazed at how accurate and effective this technique was. I began putting workshops together to teach this method to others. I also brought it into the Spiritual Counseling sessions I did at work with young girls struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The results were unanimous. This was an enlightening and life-changing way of healing. I was even told by many clients and staff (yes, they jumped at the chance for a session too) that this way of healing has been more powerful than any other form of therapy they have received.
My mission has become to spread this incredible form of healing I have been so blessed to receive. I hope you will join me on this journey through your chakras.

How It Works – What The Healing Process is Like

I will go through your chakras and let you know where there are imbalances and blockages. This gives you a clear view of what is going on energetically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to cause discord in your life.  This always includes very loving messages from spirit encouraging you to remove those blocks and imbalances. These messages are highly uplifting and encouraging, giving you a sense of focus and peace.

wchakras healing spiritual journey I will guide us into a meditative state using visualization, breathing techniques, and progressive muscle relaxation. I will then open up the chakra we are working on in that session and take a Shamanic Journey into your chakra. Through open communication during my journey, we will discuss my journey as a travel through your chakra and what we believe the symbolism to be. Then we will discuss how to change them in this landscape as well as in your physical, earthly life. I will make no changes without your consent!

You will see the changes we made in your energy field begin to make positive and lasting changes in your life.

  • It will provide emotional and mental clarity through channeled messages from source energy.
  • It helps release old emotional habits and reactions that create discord in your relationships.
  • It can create positive and uplifting communication with others.
  • It will free you to make healthier emotional choices and manageshaman chakras healing spiritual journey stress and negative emotions in more constructive manners.

However, the most powerful and important aspect of this healing process is not the energetic changes we make, it is not even the shamanic journey I take on your behalf. It is open and honest communication we have throughout this journey. We will discuss deep-seated pain, fear and destructive patterns in your life. We will uncover ways for you to heal from them and make peace with them. It is the empowerment and self-realization in our sessions that you will carry with you.

If you would like to begin this type of life-changing healing contact me today. I look forward to going on this fantastic journey with you!