The purpose of Fire in the Lotus is to help others awaken to their divinity and embrace personal power, allowing them to align with the pure wholeness and healing their soul has been calling out for.

The meaning behind Fire in the Lotus is three-fold. The lotus flower in Buddhism symbolizes rising above the darkness to embrace enlightenment. The fire represents divine strength and power, which is your birth right. The woman at the center of the flower shows the transformation that follows when you embrace yourself as a powerful spiritual being. As she accepts the fire as her divine power it does not remove her from her peace or compromise her enlightenment, it enhances it. Within her peace lies her ability to direct her power in an intuitive, effective and loving way. 

The goal of Fire in the Lotus is to help you discover this within yourself. We want you to realize that you are a powerful being deserving of genuine peace and healing. A large part of coming into your wholeness is embracing your personal power. You have been called on a journey to discover what that power is. That journey starts here.